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Based on the data driven marketing we wanted to send to the customer only when performing the task as entering the birth date or participate in survey
The dispatch of the next message with a higher profit always depends on the customer's action in the previous mail together .
The fact that the customer solves a problem in the respective mail he advance to the next stage winner and has the chance of further gains in the next mail . In addition, the customer will be displayed based on his answers voorherigen certain header images. The aim of the newsletter is more client data to collect and generate as many leads for the different channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Customers can achieve different gains depending of completed World and related task.

We have based on the actions drawn the next mail . If the customer has given us his birthday date or you've already entered .
If the customer has completed the survey and this has been completed. If the customer has looked at an item in the shop, following us on Facebook or WhatsApp subscribed by Brille24.