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21.01.2016 - 21.01.2016 | 00

Thursday, Jan 21, 2016, 6-7pm CET (5pm GMT / 12am EST / 9am PST)

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Machine translation can be a valuable way for you to reduce costs and get to marketing faster but it can also become a complex process fraught with errors and excessive editing. The difference often comes down to the source.

In this webinar, Acrolinx and Welocalize will share the secrets to better machine translation and best practices from their latest research where they evaluated the impact of content optimization and pre-editing for machine translation across a wide range of source texts and styles. The results will surprise you.

Olga Beregovaya, Vice President Technology Solutions, Welocalize
Elaine O’Curran, Program Manager, Language Tools, Welocalize
Christian Gericke, SVP, EMEA/APAC and Global Client Services, Acrolinx
Peter Beargie, Senior Sales Engineer, Acrolinx

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