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14.03.2016 - 15.03.2016 | Berlin

Werden Sie Teil weltweit führenden Leader in Deutschlands Hauptstadt

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Join the world's most forward-thinking innovation leaders in Germany's dynamic capital city!

Discover how the world's top managers of innovation are keeping their corporations ahead of the curve, while immersing yourself in Germany's most innovative and progressive city.

Meet and hear from top innovation leaders from L'Oréal, IBM, Schneider Electric, Bang & Olufsen, Lufthansa, Dell, BASF, eBay and many more.

Learn how to align innovation strategy into your business, how to accelerate the innovative processes and to get the most out of open innovation partnerships, whilst also integrating multicultural and proactive approaches to disruptive innovation.
Take part in our renowned Think Tank Academy, engage our vibrant panel discussions and participate in our well-balanced networking sessions.