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27.03.2014 - 27.03.2014 | Antwerpen

Learn more about how efficient Marketing Information Management leads to success at Miele, Texas Instruments, Vaillant, LG and BergHOFF.

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A Real Multi-Channel Experience - for Contentserv partners and those who intent to be

Multi-Channel Marketing: "Interact with customers using direct and indirect communication channels to encourage them to buy a product or a service using the channel of their choice." How can you make sure that all marketing information gets aligned across different communication channels?

Learn more about Contentserv and your benefits as a Contentserv partner

Contentserv assists e-commerce specialists, marketing agencies, media service providers and consultants by offering their customers state-of-the-art Product, Media, Workflow and Publication Management solutions.

Learn at the PartnerDay how Contentserv integrates effortlessly with leading e-commerce platforms, publishing applications and translation tools.

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