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Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 4-5pm CET / 10-11am EST / 9-10am CST

Tobias Anstett, CTO, K15t Software
Michael Klemme, Senior Solutions Architect, Acrolinx


Enterprise wikis, like Atlassian Confluence, help you create content in a collaborative manner and share knowledge with employees, customers, and partners on a common platform. In addition, you can use it to receive direct feedback. In this way, you can make sure that information is up to date and the technical content is correct. But how do you ensure that the different target groups will find this information easily, and that it is consistent and comprehensible?

K15t Software provides a tool specifically for this. The Scroll Acrolinx Connector integrates the established Acrolinx Content Optimization Platform, which automatically checks content in Confluence, and helps you maintain and enforce applicable linguistic standards. Both your customers and partners will benefit from it, as will your employees. This is because texts that are easy to understand, clear, and error-free are more accessible. Besides, consistent source texts can be better – and more cost-effectively – translated into other languages.

The joint webinar offered by Acrolinx and K15t Software will show you how to integrate the Acrolinx Content Optimization Platform into Atlassian Confluence using the Scroll Acrolinx Connector. The webinar will introduce Confluence and its graphical editor, and will outline Confluence’s permission management and extensibility with add-ons. It will also demonstrate how to create and publish content in a collaborative and agile manner. You will find out how authors are directly supported in Confluence’s editor using the Scroll Acrolinx Connector. Furthermore, the webinar will explain how to take advantage of the checking score and the quality metrics of Acrolinx in order to monitor content quality and continuously improve it in Confluence.