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Eine Art Magie – Kosmetikverpackungen ohne Mikroplastik-Rückstände

Sulapac hat eine bahnbrechende Innovation vorgestellt. Produkte auf Wasserbasis können künftig mit einem neuen biobasierten Sulapac-Barrierematerial v
INS Oy | 19.05.2021

The cosmetics and personal care industry has annual sales of more than $ 500 billion and the market is expected to grow by 4.75% annually. Accordingly, the pioneers in the industry were eagerly looking for sustainable packaging solutions. Although water-based emulsions make up around 90% of the cosmetics market, there has not yet been any alternative packaging for water-based products that biodegrade without leaving any residual microplastic residues. Sulapac has now developed a patent-pending material for these cosmetics.

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