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The MEF is a global trade association representing all participants in the mobile entertainment value chain.

About MEF Marketing Entertainment Forum

Founded by six leading players (Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Cash-U, Comverse, mBlox, OpenMobile and Picofun) in February 2001, the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) was established to represent the commercial interests of content, application and service providers, including operators, throughout the mobile entertainment industry. The MEF has grown considerably to include a substantial base of key mobile entertainment players to become the trade association and leading advocate for mobile entertainment industry. Our global membership is composed of the best thought leaders and mobile entertainment players throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. The MEF's focus is to build a successful industry through education, policy advocacy, outreach to the entertainment industry and support for critical industry initiatives. In particular, the MEF addresses issues of common concern to its members and the industry by: presenting a united voice in relations with external bodies - especially regulators - and informing the agendas of industry marketers, investors and analysts. This involves setting guidelines and promoting best commercial and legal practice. The MEF is not a technical standards body and has no significant involvement in the establishment of such standards but only, where appropriate, in promoting their initiation or adoption. Since its inception, the MEF has taken a highly proactive stance in promoting the mobile entertainment industry as an identifiable and significant sector, with specific commercial structures and interests. By bringing together individuals and organisations from all segments of the value chain, the Forum has created a focal point for mobile entertainment leaders to work together to accelerate the growth of a nascent and complex global industry. MEF supports this through a range of initiatives, networking and meeting opportunities, research and promotional undertakings. The MEF's focus on the commercial and legal aspects of mobile entertainment enables it to address the challenges specifically created by the partnership of two distinct and different industries - mobile and entertainment. These challenges emerge both in the development of this partnership and in the interaction of this new industry with society at large. MEF provides a neutral ground between layers of the industry value chain to identify best practices and create standards. The MEF is increasingly supporting the sector's growth by establishing commercial and legal processes and facilities for the industry that may best be served on a collective, neutral, third-party basis. While the MEF and its members tackle vital issues across the mobile entertainment value-chain, the Forum is also addressing regional or local priority issues. In April 2002, the MEF created two regional branches in Asia and the Americas to accelerate growth within these rapidly evolving mobile entertainment markets. The MEF's L.A-based Americas branch is positioned to assist Hollywood and all relevant players to identify the best technology, legal content usage protocols and demonstrable revenue opportunities for fulfilling the promise of this growing market. The Singapore-based branch MEF representing Asia, the global forerunner for mobile entertainment, is providing significant comparative insights for the industry whilst addressing priority regional issues ranging from copyrights protection to developing a comprehensive operators' survey identifying the key mobile entertainment services

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