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DS: Brand Challenge -Responsible consumerism comes around

Martin Meyer-Gossner | 12.09.2019 13:30
Debate Stage
The heat is on: ESG compliance and sustainability versus brand value and business impact. Marketers and business leadership face the challenge to satisfy a voracious consumer. Consumer expectation on how brands produce responsibly for a greener future has increased with „Fridays for future“, growing nutritional awareness and clean energy delivery plus service. Furthermore, consumers ask for more personalization, better data security and longer product life-times. They affect business impact like never before; putting brand management on the edge of feasibility. This outstanding panel of brand marketers shares how to stay ahead of competitors and to keep their love brand status. So, better listen carefully to secure your business future!

Christian Deuringer
Head of Global Brand Management

Marcus Macioszek

Martin Meyer-Gossner