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ES: Back to school: Technology is changing the way we learn - and forces us to learn more about technology

Hansjörg Zimmermann | 11.09.2019 11:40
Experience Stage

Like almost any other aspect of our life, education and learning has changed fundamentally. What we learn and how we learn it, has become a digitalized process. Kids interact with tablets in class, they learn how to code – often in a playful way. Employees take part in digitalized life long learning processes, where they educate themselves online. The possibilities of learning have become endless – do we need more tech in education? How can we use technology to learn? And how do we learn technology? We will learn more about this in the panel.

Mohanna Azarmandi
Chief Learning Officerin

Beatrice Kemner
Head of Product Development

Lutz Knappmann
Chief Editor

Hansjörg Zimmermann