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Optimising Conversions with Persuasion

Webinar 18.04.2016

Kath Pay stellt sich im Live-Interview den kritischen Fragen von Torsten Schwarz.

Kath Pay reveals how personalisation really works. It’s not a technical subject but a matter of understanding the need of customers. Persuasion can only be achieved when there are clear personas. Kath explains why a good email marketer should know the theories of Hippocrates. The main cognitive biases are social proof and reciprocity. She explains how variety can be used to drive open rates. Why is strategic testing better than only simple A-B-testing? How important is the differentiation of first time buyers and long term clients? Kath explains the usage of video and Whatsapp and talks about her favorite email marketing brand.

Kath Pay

Lebt und liebt E-Mail-Marketing und gilt als eine von Großbritanniens führenden Expertinnen. Weltweit eine der Top50 Email Influencer.