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Where`s the Data ?

Webinar 19.04.2016

Dela Quist stellt sich im Live-Interview den kritischen Fragen von Torsten Schwarz.

Dela Quist talks about the consensus of a new definition of email marketing being not about delivering emails but providing a unique identifier for omnichannel marketing. The email address identifies individuals with whom a company interacts through different communication channels. Taking the examples of cheese and kinder surprise Dela guides us through the jungle of frequency, relevancy and brand impact. He explains welcome series and subject lines. Which data should be looked at? Why is email the most effective tool for collecting data? Why is inactivity important and no reason to give up. How should other channels be orchestrated around email? There is no question which is not striven by Dela’s answers. Comclusion: email marketers should be given more time to automate campaign in order to have more time to design even better campaigns.

Dela Quist is a well-known name in the international email marketing industry. He pioneered email as a marketing channel already back in the 1990. He uses data analysis to challenge many of the myths and preconceptions in the industry. With his controversial views, he makes email marketers think about what they are doing.

Dela Quist

Gründer und CEO von Alchemy Worx. Schätzungsweise hat er inzwischen über 20.000 Stunden über E-Mail nachgedacht. Er ist seit vielen Jahren Mitglie