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The Customer Centric Enterprise - Advances in Mass Customization and Personalization

Autor: Frank T. Piller,
Verlag: Springer Science+Business Media Deutschland GmbH
weitere Autoren: Mitchell M. Tseng, 2003, 552 Seiten, 128,35 Euro

About this book

Companies are being forced to react to the growing individualization of demand. At the same time, cost management remains of paramount importance due to the competitive pressure in global markets. Thus, making enterprises more customer centric efficiently is a top management priority in most industries. Mass customization and personalization are key strategies to meet this challenge. Companies like Procter&Gamble, Lego, Nike, Adidas, Land's End, BMW, or Levi Strauss, among others, have started large-scale mass customization programs. This book provides insight into the different aspects of building a customer centric enterprise. Following an interdisciplinary approach, leading scientists and practitioners share their findings, concepts, and strategies from the perspective of design, production engineering, logistics, technology and innovation management, customer behavior, as well as marketing.

Written for:

Practitioners, researchers


Customer Integration
Fashion Industry
Flexible/Agile Manufacturing
Mass Customization
Technology Management