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Dipl.-Kfm. (Uni.) Dipl.-Kfm. (Uni.) Felix C. POUDEU

Postfach: 42 01 74

34070 Kassel


Telefon: +49 15234517426

Mobil: +49 15234517426

Projektmanagement, Marketing, Business Development

- Berater für Marketing- und Vertriebsprojekte - CRM, E-Commerce; - Dialog-, Direkt- & Digitales Marketing; - Business Development; -Leadgenerierung.

Marketing Project Management Consultant

A driven, ambitious and entrepreneurial Marketing Manager who is willing to give her best to everything he does. I have solid experience of delivering integrated marketing activities locally, nationally and internationally. In my present role I am part of a multilingual team working on long term marketing and sales concepts. During the course of my duties I work closely with Marketing Coordinators and PR Managers to create profitable, fast moving and market leading campaigns. I am comfortable working in a non-traditional environment, and willingly takes the lead in devising new approaches to old problems. Right now I want to join a company where there is a fun, driven and hard working environment where good business ideas are welcomed and rewarded.


Projektmanagement, Marketing, Business Development