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Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2008

Autor: Fachhochschule Worms, Fachbereich Touristik/Verkehrswesen,
Verlag: Springer Science+Business Media Deutschland GmbH
weitere Autoren: Marin Buck, 2008, 220 Seiten, 53,45 Euro ISBN: 9783540777977
About this book

This book offers insight into important trends in the global travel and tourism industry and analyzes developments in the aviation and hospitality industry, destination management and general travel behavior.

The most recent developments in marketing and sales as well as in travel technology and business travel are of key importance for managing companies involved in travel and tourism.

The articles are based on presentations and panel discussions presented at the world´s largest tourism convention, the ITB Convention Market Trends & Innovations.

This book brings together convention highlights prepared by renowned professionals and scientists within the industry. As such, readers can form a comprehensive vision of the developments which are shaping the structure of the global travel and tourism industry.

The book is indispensable for tourism professionals and scientists as well as students analyzing current global tourism trends.

Written for:

Professionals in tourism
Aviation Industry
Destination Management
Global Tourism
Hospitality Industry