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21.06.2022 - 22.06.2022 | online | Kongress

Join the Predictive Analytics World & Deep Learning World Conferences

Machine Learning Week Europe Virtual, June 21-22 , 2021

Interesting Times Call for Creative Measures


In 2022 we’re running three of the Machine Learning Week conferences live in Munich, 21-22 June: Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0, Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare and Deep Learning World. Predictive Analytics World for Climate will run virtually on 1-2 June and Predictive Analytics World for Business and Predictive Analytics World for Financial in Berlin in November. Please go to their respective websites for more details.

The following relates to the 2021 virtual event.
2020, year of the corona crisis, made it clear: data & analytics are key drivers for the future. Not only in healthcare, where deep learning helped to detect corona infections and machine learning predicted the spread of the infections, but also in industry and business: predictive analytics enabled companies to secure the supply chain of essential goods or to identify new buying behaviour quicker than ever before. And 2020 also changed the conference business itself, because virtual conferences demand completely new, interactive and holistic formats:


Welcome to Machine Learning Week Europe Virtual Livestream 2021!


The week of June 14th to 18th hundreds of data scientists, analytics managers and AI visionaries from pharma, manufacturing, marketing, insurance, and many more sectors will meet for keynotes and extensive expert exchanges at 6 conferences on 5 days discussing the 4 key topics with the 3 best topic experts. Each expert will present the 10 most important insights on 10 slides in 10 minutes followed by an intensive discussion panel and Q&A with the participants. In addition, each conference will be opened by a keynote. Join the expert rounds, apply for speaking or register for participating.


We provide a regional platform for the European data science community to share their success stories and insights with their industry peers. Five well established conferences, PAW Business, PAW Financial, PAW Healthcare, PAW Industry 4.0 and Deep Learning World, plus one new topic, PAW Climate, are running across the week. Don’t miss these five days, that will provide the perfect platform for in-depth knowledge-sharing, interactive, expert discussions and intensive industry networking.

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