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AI hacks for your business – how to remain successful despite budget cuts and a shortage of skilled workers

Daniel Hummel | 07.05.2024 14:30
"We're gonna slash your budget by 50% next quarter, sorry."
The German economy is tanking atm.
Furthermore, crucial postions are left unfilled due to a dearth of qualified candidates. Is it time to throw in the towel or to find new solutions? This Masterclass revolves around how Al can become your business booste - despite a smaller budget and a lack of (wo)manpower. We'll talk about issues such as reducing costs through automated processes, retaining knowledge in the company and harnessing Al without qualified people. Managing directors at communications agency "Tech Well Told," Alex and Sarah, together with Al professional Daniel from
"Reply," will present the best tips and tools. Just because you're strapped for cash, doesn't have to mean "no money, no fun." Powered by Vodafone.